My Favorite Places for a New Orleans Family Photoshoot

May 25, 2022

I’m sure this will sound crazy, but family portrait sessions are some of my favorites to shoot. As a New Orleans photographer, I fully embrace the chaos, and I love capturing your family photos against the backdrop of this beautiful city. From the urban jungle of the CBD to the old charm of the French Quarter, New Orleans has so many cool neighborhoods to shoot the perfect family photos to fit your vibe. 

Here are a few of my places for a New Orleans family photoshoot:

City Park

family photoshoot in City Park

Created in 1854, City Park is New Orleans’ biggest public park, and makes a gorgeous location for family photos. Oak trees covered in Spanish Moss evoke an older New Orleans, and the Sculpture Garden, the New Orleans Museum of Art, Botanical Gardens and the famous Cafe du Monde are all within walking distance. 

Audubon Park

family photoshoot at Audobon Park

All the way Uptown, there’s Audubon Park, opened in 1898 and named after famed artist and naturalist John James Audubon. It’s an ideal spot for biking, picnicking or just lounging under the shady oaks. For bonus points, visit the animals at the nearby Audubon Zoo. 

Crescent Park

family at crescent park

For spectacular views of the Mississippi River and New Orleans skyline, Crescent Park is the move. Located in the Bywater neighborhood of New Orleans, this linear park features native landscaping and makes strolling to the French Quarter a breeze. 

Louis Armstrong Park

family photoshoot in Louis Armstrong Park

Nestled in the French Quarter is Louis Armstrong Park, named after the New Orleans jazz icon himself. Originally the site of the first-ever Jazz Fest in 1970, the park now boasts statues and monuments celebrating the city’s jazz history. This is a great place to meet for photos before venturing into the French Quarter for more shots.

Your vacation rental or home

family home photo

If you’re staying in the city or live here, I recommend starting our family photo session at your vacation rental or home and walking the block from there. That way we can capture some homey feeling photos in addition to those “out and about” neighborhood shots. 

Whether you’re from New Orleans or just visiting, I can’t wait to preserve your family memories with you. Head here to book your family portrait session.