Sunny City Park Elopement || Brandy + Vintora

October 5, 2022

Take it from Brandy and Vintora’s sunny City Park elopement – any time is a good time of day to get married. 

As a wedding photographer, I field a lot of questions about the best time of day to get married for the most magical photos. And while we love a sunrise or sunset shoot, any photographer worth their salt can create beautiful photos any time of day. 

I recommend my couples think about what they want to do on the day of their elopement, and we’ll squeeze in your photos around your plans when it makes sense. Don’t sweat it too much!

For Brandy and Vintora, it made sense for us to shoot their sunny City Park elopement in the middle of the day, so they could spend the remainder of the day touring New Orleans. The light shining between the old oak trees set a truly romantic scene. Even though their wedding took place during a time that would sometimes be considered too harsh for photos, I still think they turned out beautiful.

Let’s Elope was supposed to officiate their ceremony, but Ranna got COVID just before the big day. A true hero, Michelle from Just Married Y’all stepped in and performed the ceremony just in the knick of time. I am constantly reminded of and grateful for our tight-knit New Orleans community of wedding vendors. We will move mountains when it comes to making sure your day goes off without a hitch.

Planning your New Orleans City Park elopement? Let’s talk photos.

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